29 May 2019

Bar codes, clouds and a duck. 2D artworks in the making

There is something about bar codes, they are everywhere in todays society to food packaging, product labels and in some ways even people. Bar codes can help to identify whatever it is attached to when scanned by an electronic device, however in a world of purchasing I often ask myself who makes the products that are produced and what is the story behind them. Are the people who make our products confined to a number, a bar code? Were is the human within the machine? Are our consumption of products the new religion? Or is there hope?

I have been continuing to work on this hand made paper drawing that references with clouds. I would like to introduce some kind of effect of light perhaps in some way to give the illusion of light emitting from the centre of the circle. This picture draws upon my interest with the potential for an afterlife. This is in response to my experience of my mother passing away. I had what I could only describe as some kind of visual image occur whilst I was in bed trying to sleep. What I saw was a door or space filled with a white light and a ladder extending into it with what seemed like mist or something cloud like occupying the space close to the light. It is interesting as I did some research on people having near death experiences and it seems as though some people have whitenesed a similar phenomena were they see a white light. I ask my self if this was a dream or something real, either way to this day I still do not know. Although I did not have a near death experience, it is curious to hear of similar experiences. I think there is a lot about this reality I am experiencing that is not fully understood. What really do we know about ourselves in terms of how for example our brain functions and how we decode reality. What do we know about this so called physical reality we exist in?



We are constantly satiated with news happening in the world if you chose to let it, often it is not the good kind of news. When were were very young our days were innocent, full of wonder and curiosity, we did not know of all the bad things happening in the world. However it was always there even if we did not know. For this reason I have decided to create an artwork responding to this. Newspaper cut-outs expressing the not so positive aspects of our society contrasted with the image of a rubber duck, a toy always remembered, portraying the innocence of youth.