25 February 2012

Decision Making

Picture taken 30/9/11 (Stonehenge) Salisbury, England.

At the start of the MA course we were assigned with choosing an object or image to start our thought process into posble concepts that could be explored in our practice.

Initially I had looked at a diverse range of subjects mainly of ancient artefacts such as stone carvings, functional objects etc. What I was drawn to was their histories, it made me question is function, purpose and who made them. However the main emphasis is the way I approached these subjects, I did not read too much into the descriptions about them, I used my eyes to see the image first, to experience it in my own way.

I realised that with out any explanation about an object we are left to decipher its meaning whereby uing our imagination and on that biases this investigation paved the way to a more specific line of enquiry which led me to focus on one object. The monument Stonehenge located in Salisbury, England seemed to me to fit this way of thinking as there is no sign to tell people exactly what it is. Sure we can get a sense that it is an architectural space of some sort, but apart from that we are left to ges its function.

It is this constant intervention from human activity upon this architectural space that interests me, as people seem to be constantly implementing new menings or ideas to try to unravel its code, In a sense the monument is constantly in a state of change, new stories are created all the time, and our experience of the place will always be different. It leads me to think about the built environment I live in and how this reality is never fixed in time, it is always in a state of change.

How we construct space seems to be a conduit for my imagination.