25 August 2012

Butetown History & Arts Centre (Great Summer Exhibition) 1/7/12

I was really lucky to have the opportunity to show some of my new work for the first time in a public space in Cardiff. It was a nice space and I did not have to use any unnatural lighting as the work was placed right next to a window. 

It was also great to meet other artists working in Cardiff and to see their work as their were different verities of mediums used such as painting and photography. 

20 August 2012

Investigations of light using black and white setting

I have continued my interest in taking pictures of the built environment, however this time round I have manipulated the photos to a black and white setting. I found by doing this I could particular capture light and dark and again taking pictures from unusual perspectives is still a continuation. 

What I forgot to mention from my last post is that the images I have been taking have been from around various locations and I was really lucky to have the opportunity to visit Taiwan, Taipei were I had some fantastic opportunity's to carry on my photography into built environments. Considering Taipei is a city there were so many streets filled with built objects all clustered together, and so many different ways to photograph these environments. 

3 August 2012

Investigations into the built environment-3/8/12

It has been quite a wile since a last updated this blog as I have been really busy making new work, but I thought I would add new imagery. 

Stonehenge realy helped me to think about the built environment and its implications such as the changes that can happen within a space or the way a structure can be experienced. So recently I have been busy accumulating more imagery imparticulay imagery of the structures seen in the built environment around me. 

It leads me to think about inside and outside space, light, perspective, structure, the potential for that space to change and its visual effects such as the way I read and understand it.