14 October 2012

Roath Park and Lake, Cardiff

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(image 7)

It has been raining so much recently in Cardiff for many days but last Saturday there was at least a couple of hours of sunshine so I decided to take the opportunity to take a walk around Roath Park and Lake and bring with me the manual camera. 

To be honest I did not bring the camera to look for things to add to my photographic research, I mainly took it with me just to keep up the practice and enjoy the time spent out there. So perhaps I was a little more relaxed this time and managed to experiment confidently as when I got back home I found these interesting photos taken from amongst a whole load of others.  

By using the camera it has lead me to see the world in a different way, I am no longer just walking within the environment, I have become immersed in it, looking for other ways of seeing. I am really enjoying the opportunities the camera can offer to capture a moment in time and it forces me to see things from different perspectives. 

It seems some of these pictures such images 2, 3, 4 and 5 for example show the interaction between colours and light as the forms take on some life of their own. It is also interesting in how images 2 and 3 project colours that seem to compliment each other and again with the way light interacts in that space creates a kind of warmth. 

As usual I find my subject matter becomes less evident in the pictures as certain parts of the form are focused upon rather than the whole thing, but to some extent they still seems to evoke what the subject could be. 

Were as previously some pictures have shown a balance between form or line and the surrounding space some images like 4 and 5 do not show this but instead take up the whole of the frame cluttered together as a mass. But images like 6 and 7 again do highlight man-made constructed parts and their position in space, so perhaps then there are two ways of capturing the subject. 

Overall what I notice by seeing the built environment in this way is that it leads me to think more about the subjects and it challenges my view of the world. I suppose when you take away the overall image of the subject there will be small hints of what it could be but it is up to you to make you own discussions about what you are seeing. 

7 October 2012

Cardiff city centre (selected images)

This picture is a bit different from my usual subjects, however I thought it was interesting as it gives another angle on built spaces and created realities that influence our understanding and behaviour of the would in our current time in history.

Went for a walk about today around Cardiff city centre and brought with me one of those big manual camera's, I cant remember what exactly its called, lets just say its too big to fit in your pocket. I quite enjoyed taking these pictures, getting up close to things and finding different angles to shoot from, it felt like there was almost a sense of freedom in doing this. Its taking time though to build up the confidence to take pictures like these in public spaces because it feels that people have always got there beady eye on you as soon as they see a camera and sometimes they can give me funny looks.