21 March 2013

Stonehenge, the review

Stonehenge still remains a very important subject, I cant ignore the fact that its helped me to generate ideas and think about my work in general. For me personally it is an object that still evokes fascination and wonder.

Although I have reflected on this monument quite a few times before, I feel a necessity to review it again to see if there is anything new to add to my own interpretation. 

The Object
  • Perhaps it's an architectural space of some kind.  The alignment of the stones are essentially individual components that can be recognised to form a whole object, the positioning of the stones is very calculated. 
  • The construction itself is very large and occupies quite a bit of space, it is taller than an average person, a person can not only walk all the way around the outside of the object but also inside, however because of the current situation that douse depend.
  •  A prominent feature I find about this structure is its use of the circle. There seems to be an outer circle of larger stones and in inner circle of smaller stones.
  • The alignment of the stones and it's positioning in space seems to also effect the way I see. In some cases it is quite difficult to see clearly into the inside space of the structure, it seems to depend on were you stand from the outside of the monument. 
  • There is also the space in which the monument sits in, it's a vast space, a majority of it consisting of open fields and farm lands. 

Questions, but no Answers
  • What is it for?
  • Who made it?
  • How was it made?
  • Why do I question it? 
  • Its this very idea of questioning that evokes my interest in this monument. I like not exactly knowing what it is. Perhaps in this day and age we want to know the answers to anything and everything. But if we knew the answer to everything would life be interesting? Would life be worth living?
  • This monument also leads me to think about time and space, as the construction has gone through dramatic changes visually and theoretically through the course of time. Visually decay and destruction has taken place, theoretically peoples ideas and perceptions about the place continually changes.
  • Lots of people seem to congregate here including myself, the situation reminds me that of a Church or Temple. Why? Are we curious, invited by its mysterious presence, perhaps it reminds us of how small we are and how little we know, or perhaps its just another tourist attraction? 
  • Perhaps I am contradicting myself but dot we always need to attach new meanings and words to this monument to try and describe what it could be, why can't it be left alone, why can't it just stand and be an object in its own rite, and douse our new ideas or words obscure the real truth or meaning? At what point does fact become fiction? At what point does the real become unreal?
  • When I look at this monument it seems like I also look at myself, the object douse not have a voice, it cannot say what it is, however there are signifies as to what it could be but it is up to me/the viewer to be imaginative, to see and experience it in my/our own way.