14 September 2013

8th International Bienial of Ceramics presented by the city of Kapfenberg 2013 Austria

8th International Bienial of Ceramics presented by the city of Kapfenberg. 
Exhibition dates: 28th September to 10th of November at gallery of the Cultural Centre Kulturzentrum.

I have been very fortunate to have work selected for this exhibition. Ceramic work Sunrise and Contain from the August 2012 series will be on display.  

Check out the link for more information... http://www.keramik-biennale-kapfenberg.at/main/ 

2 September 2013

Book: Stonehenge A Complete History and Archaeology of the World's most Enigmatic Stone Circle, by Aubrey Burl. Thoughts and Interpretations

Stonehenge is one aspect of my research that has quite a big influence on my artwork and its context. Although my ideas may travel from looking at one thing to the next I find Stonehenge is always a place I go back to. 

It's only just recently that I have just finished reading this book listed above,  I thought it would be good to do a bit more research on the topic of Stonehenge. 

If you're looking to inherence your wonder and speculation about this monument you probably won't find it in this book. I am not saying it is a bad book, I did enjoy it and it does go a long way in laying out the evidence that has been collected over the years. Having said this though there is still some room for some questions and I guess that is always going to be the beauty about this place. 

The author has produced a book that douse not just focus solely about the monument Stonehenge itself he also has taken into account for example the evidence collected regarding the surrounding space and the burial mounds and other stone circles in the UK. It seems the author is trying to dig deep into as much detail as possible to lay dawn what is known and what the accumulated evidence can tell us about this monument and the people who built it and interacted with it.

Personally what I have found interesting from reading this book is in a way confirmation of the way in which Stonehenge has changed dramatically over the years. Even since when the first builders started its construction the book points towards evidence that suggests ongoing tests in which structural objects were placed then removed to which this process continued over the years and to some extent through generations of builders. 

Another thing of interest which I did not know till now was that the builders seemed to have built Stonehenge with colour in mind. If you look at the monument today the coloration of the building blocs pretty much all have the same greyish colour. However the book mentions that specific stones were chosen and arranged according to colour, it is only because of erosion of the stones that the colours has faded. 


Burl, Aubrey. (2006) Stonehenge A Complete History and Archaeology of the World's most Enigmatic Stone Circle - Constable & Robinson Ltd, London, UK