19 October 2013

Austria. Selected pictures from 26 to 30 September 2013

Here are some pictures that I took when I was out in Austria to see my work presented at the 8th International Biannual of Ceramics, Kapfenberg 2013.

These pictures were mainly taken from Vienna as I spent most of my time in that area. It seems like the time I spent out their just flew by so quickly, then again I was not out there very long, but there was just enough time to do some exploring and experience something new. Looking back at that memory know feels quite unreal, like a dream in a way.

I enjoyed my time in Vienna the city is very clean, and the air was very fresh, it was difficult to smell any fumes or pollution and the sky was always very blue. It seemed like a lot of the architecture was quite traditional and so the city has probably retained a lot of its heritage, in fact it was a bit difficult finding any built spaces that looked modern. However the transport is very modern and easy to use and navigate.

Within the time I had out there I managed to do quite a bit of sight seeing, I went round the city to different areas and checked out some museums and a contemporary art gallery. There was not really any particular plan, in a way I just stumbled onto things that caught my interest. Perhaps this is also captured in the pictures as the photographs documented my experience out there, however in some way I think it is an experience that in some way is quite universal.

The photographs can be seen as recognisable to a specific area for example through the style of architecture or reference to place but at the same time they could be seen as spaces without subject matter. Is it then a way of documenting my experience through the built environment that can be recognisable but also on the other hand questionable. I think these pictures makes me think about my place in this world and how I interact with built spaces and the effect it has on me. I would like to think these picture could convey the unreal within the real therefore bringing about an alternative perception about the constructed world we create for ourselves. I think this is something I will continue to investigate upon.

4 October 2013

Bristol Harbour: Selected photographs taken 24/8/13

Lately I have been out and about taking photos again, this time in Bristol harbour. I went outside very early in the morning to be able to enjoy the silence and stillness, by choosing that moment I realised how free I was in the ability to move around and interact with the space and the objects in it. It must have been about 7:00 am I went outside to take these pictures, but by being there at that time meant I could really enjoy the moment and focus on what I was doing without having many distractions.

As usual I took many pictures but I have forced myself to be selective, to upload ones that I felt had presence or some kind of significant meaning for me. I realise how difficult it is to take a picture that has these qualities, that are immersive and evocative. Increasingly I find the pictures are like conduits for the imagination, it makes me analyse and question what is already there. 

These pictures make me think of...
  • How space and form is intertwined  and that one cannot exist without the other. 
  • Reflections and how this  in itself creates new ways of seeing the constructed reality.
  • It also makes me think about disorder and chaos, as forms are occupying space in ways that is quite imposing.
  • In some ways it makes me think of a prison of some sort as spaces seem to be so occupied with form its quite difficult to escape.