4 October 2013

Bristol Harbour: Selected photographs taken 24/8/13

Lately I have been out and about taking photos again, this time in Bristol harbour. I went outside very early in the morning to be able to enjoy the silence and stillness, by choosing that moment I realised how free I was in the ability to move around and interact with the space and the objects in it. It must have been about 7:00 am I went outside to take these pictures, but by being there at that time meant I could really enjoy the moment and focus on what I was doing without having many distractions.

As usual I took many pictures but I have forced myself to be selective, to upload ones that I felt had presence or some kind of significant meaning for me. I realise how difficult it is to take a picture that has these qualities, that are immersive and evocative. Increasingly I find the pictures are like conduits for the imagination, it makes me analyse and question what is already there. 

These pictures make me think of...
  • How space and form is intertwined  and that one cannot exist without the other. 
  • Reflections and how this  in itself creates new ways of seeing the constructed reality.
  • It also makes me think about disorder and chaos, as forms are occupying space in ways that is quite imposing.
  • In some ways it makes me think of a prison of some sort as spaces seem to be so occupied with form its quite difficult to escape.

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