25 December 2013

Reflections, Bristol Harbour 25/13/12

I feel Christmas day is one day of the year were things stop and all is silent, like the reality of daily life is put on hold. Well I think it felt more like that last year because today it was surprisingly quite busy.

Anyway I had the opportunity to take some pictures, there was still some stillness left in the air. However instead of pointing the camera directly at the subjects I was looking at I decided instead to photograph reflections on windows. I had tested this out briefly before which I then uploaded to my blog and so today I wanted to just solely focus on that aspect. By taking pictures using this method I feel I have captured an alternative view of the built environment around me. In some cases subjects seem layered or reversed even quite blurred, dream like in some way. In addition this time round I have included people in among some of these built spaces. I find when people are present the spaces seem more physical as these people are in their own way interacting within that environment. It can also speak of a moment captured in time, traces of that moment, reflections of the past or of what is to come.

8 December 2013

Creators of our own reality

Selected photographs from Austria, Bristol Harbour and Stonehenge

Recently I found my mind has been bombarded with a lot of thoughts. I am not to sure what exactly caused it, weather it was some of these photos or the paintings that I am working on at the moment or my immediate surroundings. Who knows maybe it was a mixture of all of these, anyway I thought it would be worth wile to record these thoughts in writing and tie it together with some visual imagery I was looking at.

What I have written here is a list of some of these thoughts I had at that time and I suppose in some way they are quite abstract. However there dose seem to be a thread that links it all together. I keep examining these thoughts over and over again and what I notice is perhaps there all reflecting the world I am living in. Its all created to serve a purpose and function to that purpose but its only as real as the idea that created it. 

  • Our we limited by the reality we create for ourselves? Our we free?
  • Douse the constructed reality programme or condition human behaviour in a sense dictating our actions, understanding and our place in it?
  • Is what's real no different from what is not real or what is imaginable?
  • Our we ourselves slaves of our own creation, imprisoned in a reality we have created for our selves, serving a system that in itself can be like a machine, inhuman and lacking feeling, understanding, compassion and emotion.
  • Is my understanding of this physical reality limited by what is imposed upon me? But if it was I would not have these ideas or questions. 
  • How can I escape this reality? Through art, music? Or do I just accept it as what it is? Must I adapt?
  • Is this constructed reality a reality based on limitations?

Some of these ideas may seem ridiculous even negative but they are all based on how I felt at that time and I suppose the mind goes through a series of changes which may effect the way understand my surroundings and my place in it.