31 March 2014

New painting. Idea=Reality, Reality=Idea, completed 22/2/14

Idea=Reality, Reality=Idea, 22/2/14, H59, W42, acrylic paint and pastel on paper

Its been a long time coming but finally I have some results as I have recently finished a new mixed media painting. 

I have spent a lot of time producing this work and I hope this comes through in terms of the overall quality. By investing more time into the work I realised this gave me more flexibility and realisation in understanding what it was I wanted to achieve.

Coming up with a title for this piece did not come automatically, I spent many days thinking about it. Like most artworks I am currently producing its difficult to define what it is that has been created as the artwork tends to embody many layers of meaning and metaphor. The built environment is a source of inspiration and this will probably come through in the work but on the other hand I am trying to create something that moves beyond this inspiration. 

Any comments are welcome, stay tuned for more. 

9 March 2014

8th International Biannual of Ceramics presented by the City of Kapfenberg, Austria 28/9/13-10/11/13

Front entrance to the Kulturzenttrum-venue for the exhibition

Exhibition poster

Martin Harman (Sunrise) created 28/8/12

Martin Harman (Sunrise) created 28/8/12

Martin Harman (Sunrise) created 28/8/12

Christine Yiting Wang. (I was raised different from the others)

Ygor Lannoye. (Bar Code "anyways") I am not too sure if this is the correct title.

Karen Gunderman. (Ex-Voto 111)

Lung-Chien Lin. (Micro-Organism Machinery No.1)

Mansooreh Baghgarei. (Shadow Bird 1,2,3)

Edeltrude Arleitner. (Nahaufnahme)

Felix Cumpel. (Kreuzweg)

Verena Gaudy. (Zeitgenossen)

Here are some pictures taken from the 8th International Biannual of Ceramics, Kapfenberg, Austria, I hope it gives some idea of the what it must have been like to be there in person.

As mentioned in my last blog article, this exhibition did not go very smooth for me personally. Although it is an experience that will stay with me, after all there are some positive aspects I took from it.

Ideally I would have preferred to have both ceramic artworks (Contain and Sunrise) shown together as to create a dialogue between both works and to fully take advantage of the space considering that the works are quite small. Sadly as (Contain) broke this was not possible. Seeing (Sunrise) now and reflecting on that set up I realise how important the space the work is placed in is an essential and important part of the work. The form and colour define the space and on the other hand the space defines the form and colour and so there is a mutual agreement as one can not exist without the other.

On the plus side though I enjoyed seeing other artworks in that space. It made me realise the importance of being an individual as each artist manifests there ideas in many different ways according to their own experience.