19 April 2014

Framing complete for paintings Idea=Reality, Reality=Idea and Bamboo Dreams

(Idea=Reality, Reality=Idea). 22/2/14, acrylic paint & pastel on paper, wooden frame with card border and protective glass panel and ready to hang, Dimensions include frame: W48.5cm H60.5cm

(Bamboo Dreams). 12/4/14, acrylic paint & pastel on paper , wooden frame with card border and protective glass panel and ready to hang, Dimensions include frame: W48.5cm H65cm

Today is Saturday 19/4/14 and it was last Saturday that I went into a local framing shop in Bristol called Art Original to have my latest paintings framed. Therefore today I am pleased to have received the finished framed paintings and I can safely say that I am satisfied with the outcome of them both. Originally it was quite a challenge deciding on the colour of the framing and I did worry weather I had made the rite decision so I am glad its all good.

It also turned out that today was a bit of a learning experience as I realised the importance of choosing a suitable frame. It made me think about the relationship it can play in relating to the colours in the painting and how it can help draw the eye into the space of the painting. On the other hand the frame and paintings makes me think about the interior space it might be placed in and the how the art works overall appearance might defer depending on the colour of the room.

I also got talking to the lady at the shop who helped with the framing as recently I had been thinking a lot about how to calculate the value of these new paintings. For example I have calculated that I have spent approximately 100 hours producing Bamboo Dreams and that does not include the sketch book development of the initial idea. Therefore I estimated the value of this painting at £10.00 an hour to be roughly £1000.00 not including the materials and cost of frame or commission or vat if it applies. So it was a bit of a surprise to hear from her that the value should be aimed much lower partly because I am not recognised at this stage in my practice. I found this surprising because of the amount of investment I had put into creating these paintings from idea to finished artwork. Deep down I feel this should be reflected in the overall value. Who knows, I am still learning, perhaps I need to improve on speed of production and confidence but getting other peoples advice douse place another perspective on things so I guess artists just need to stay positive.

13 April 2014

Framing paintings: Idea=Reality, Reality=Idea & Bamboo Dreams

Framing Time! 

It feels great to have some paintings complete so this provided a good opportunity to get my two latest paintings framed at a local framing shop in Bristol.

Art Original: 5 Union Street, Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 2DD

Renaissance looking

Professional looking

Lining it up

Out of the comfort zone, but I am going to give this one a go

So I eventually decided to go with the blue frame with a glass panel on the front, the blue frame does seem to be a bit dangerous but we felt this was different and it has a relationship to the colours in the painting. Next Saturday I will be able to find out if I made the rite decision when it is complete.

There could be a potential exhibition taking place at 44AD in Bath in July 2014 so I am hoping that I could put these paintings in that space along with some ceramic pieces. 

New Painting! Bamboo Dreams

(Bamboo Dreams) 12/4/14, acrylic paint & pastel on paper 

One more new painting to add to the collection. 

I have been trying to push myself recently in order to finish this one, perhaps if I was a full time artist I might of have it dune quicker but at the moment I am working full time with another job so I only have the evenings and weekends to concentrate on my artwork. I started this one at about the beginning of September 2013 and finished on the 12th April 2014 however in the space of that time I was also working on other paintings.

Bamboo Dreams is a serial title for this piece but I felt it was relevant as I showed this picture to a friend and she said it reminded her of bamboo. I like how these paintings can be interpreted differently by other people and as mentioned before the built environment is just a catalyst just like Stonehenge that also forms part of my inspiration. So it hoped that that the paintings can also become something else and take on new meanings. Just like looking at Stonehenge you can recognise architectural features but on the other hand the monument is very open to new meanings and identities as there is no one who can clearly explain to you exactly what it is therefore its left open to interpretation.

12 April 2014

RWA 161st Annual Open Exhibition 2013. (pictures taken from the private view)

Sorry for the wait but finally here are some pictures taken from the RWA Annual Open exhibition 2013 that ran from 23/11/13 to 26/1/2014. I did not manage to get pictures of many artworks from the private view as that day was very busy but I hope these pictures give some kind of indication of the artworks displayed. 

Martin Harman. (Juxtaposed) 28/8/12

Martin Harman. (Juxtaposed) 28/8/12

Ben Rowe. (All Seeing, All Knowing)

Jason Lane. (Iron King)

did not manage to get a name and title for this one, sorry

It was great to have the opportunity to have (Juxtaposed) displayed at the RWA and it was interesting to see how that piece interacted with that space and other artworks on display. There was a mixed variety of art works on display from sculpture to painting so the space was very full.

Originally when I applied for this open exhibition I did submit alongside this work (Tranquil) which also got selected but not displayed as I was told they did not have the space for it. I think it would have been nice personally to see the two artworks together side by side. Due to the scale and relationship of these pieces I find they communicate and interact well with each other.

Overall the artworks on display gave me a memorable experience, I think mainly because of the diversity and quantity and it came as a surprise to find that I was a joint recipient for an award called the Bristol First Collective for (Juxtaposed). This was the first award I have received for an artwork and it made me realise the confidence this gives an artist in believing in their practice and the value they have.