26 May 2014

Liverpool. 10/5/14

Whilst visiting Manchester I also had the time to go to Liverpool as it is quite close, it only took 40 minuets to get there by train so it was worth the visit.

I was instantly drawn to this image because of the variety of colour and texture that seemed to complement each other.

This one was taken form China Town, it was sad to see that on that day a lot of the shops were closed. I was wondering weather they had closed down, surprisingly the area was extremely quite and I got the impression that they are going through some tough times.

There were many empty buildings around the city but on a plus side this provided some interesting views.

I don't think I have ever seen so many colours on a garbage truck before.

These security camera's looked as though they were animals in a cage 

I think this symbol means 'wish to have long life or living forever', it looks quite architectural because of its geometric characteristic.

The radio tower in the distance.

Contrasting vertical and horizontal lines.

20 May 2014

Artwork (Tranquil) selected for the inclusion in the Fringe Art Bath Open Prize 2014

Artwork (Tranquil) will be on show at FaB 4, 17 New Bond Street, BA1 1BA. The exhibition starts on 23/5/14 and finishes 8/6/14.

There will also be a variety of other artworks and exhibitions scattered throughout Bath as part of this event. 

For more information please visit their website...http://www.fringeartsbath.co.uk/

14 May 2014

Exploring Manchester. 9/5/14

Here are some photos I took from a visit to Manchester, they are all taken form the main city centre. 

Some of these pictures have been cropped as I find out I could create more of a focus on the key subjects  that were observed. Enjoy

Somewhere in China Town

I quite like the way in which the background colours create a vivid backdrop for the machines in front, this seems to make these objects really stand out. Perhaps they appear more interesting here than if they were to be placed elsewhere.

Around the city there are some small alleyways tucked in between or behind buildings.

The light emitting from the sun seems to intensify this built structure making the scene very dramatic. It also looks as though the wheel is being absorbed or entering into the intense light. 

What is this? Who knows, the camera never lies.

"Reality is a cocktail of fantasy" I was thinking that this puts a fresh perspective on my artistic practice.

Taking the time to look around Manchester city was quite enjoyable, the spaces are small and the side walks are narrow as the built environment is so compacted. On the other hand the city is quite modern and convenient so its easy getting around.

4 May 2014

Bradford on Avon 3/5/14

Yesterday I had the opportunity to explore Bradford on Avon. Here are some photos I took whilst I was out there walking around enjoying the views.

I thought this moment was interesting to capture as the reflection of the water was cast onto this metal structure underneath a bridge. It was almost like this static structure took on some life of its own.

With these two pictures I was particularly interested in capturing the interaction between the light, space and structures.

I felt these pictures stood out as they reminded me of paintings, within these pictures there seems to be multiple layers of colour.

Again with this one the picture reminds me of a painting of an abstract but on the other hand the object suggests something solid and real.

A portal to another world?