28 November 2014

Pictures taken from Birmingham China Town

I was in Birmingham a wile back, whilst I was there I had a little bit of time to take some photographs from the China Town area.

The ones I have selected have been cropped to focus on certain forms, colour and space, I have been doing this on and off for a wile now and I think it helps me really focus more specifically on interesting parts within a picture. Perhaps in a way it helps highlight the atmosphere of the space and place. As these pictures are taken from China Town red seems to stand out quite a bit in some of them and this seems to influence the way this built environment is seen. It helps add more meaning, creates character and associations to identity.

22 November 2014

Developing a functional range to respond to my ceramic Sculptural Artworks

(Vegetable Dish)

(Vegetable Dish)

(Noodle Bowls)

(Noodle Bowls)

Today I have been working on developing ideas to do with my functional ceramics. The idea is to create something that can have a direct relationship to my sculptural ceramic artworks through aspects such as simplicity of form and colour.

Previously I had tried cups and this is something I would still like to develop but for today I thought I would try making noodle bowls and vegetable dishes. When considering what new forms to try out I thought about the types of food I really enjoy eating and as I do not eat meat I thought about making items that responds to these two types of food for now.

They are still in the developing stages and need to be completed. Hopefully I will post the results when they are finished.

17 November 2014

Ceramic artworks in progress

Thought I would share some images of two artworks I am currently working on. I have been making them on and off now for the past couple of weeks. So far they are a little bit more complex from the last ones I made as I would like to keep developing the forms further.

The shapes may still change as I might add more pieces so I guess I will see how it goes.

16 November 2014

CGP London 30th Annual Open Exhibition

CGP London 30th Annual Open Exhibition. Preview 23rd of November 2014 2pm-4pm, Exhibition 25th of November - 14th of Decemebr 2014 Wed - Sun 11am - 4pm. For more details please see their weebsite at... www.cgplondon.org. Hope to see you at the event

2 November 2014

Clay paintings

These images were unexpected. At the time I was spraying ceramic slips onto my recent artworks, then when I took the forms off the wooden boards I discovered these. 

There almost like prints developed from the forms of the artworks. They look as though they have some kind of presence or lost meaning, they look detached or like a residue or imprint. Mysterious and serial.