26 February 2015

Sunrise selected for exhibition

Sunrise selected for exhibition: International Triennial of Ceramics UNICUM 2015.
National Museum of Slovenia, 15/5/15-30/9/15. Please seewww.unicum.si for more information.

15 February 2015

Artworks in the making

Today I finished making two new artworks started: 28/1/15. The plan now is to leave them to dry slowly and then bisk fire them both.

With these two pieces I wanted to try and create a new challenge for myself, I wanted to find a fresh shape, something different from the ones I had previously been making.

13 February 2015

My Cereal Bowls

Just recently finished two new bowls. I'm a big cereal fan so I thought these would be perfect for me to use for breakfast. 

Creating these bowls made me think of ways to transfer my ideas from my artworks into functional items. Just like the artwork I would like to create something serial, something that can let the mind escape, just like listening to music it can take you away from reality.

Hopefully I can continue to investigate new ways to continue making functional items as I do enjoy it. 

8 February 2015

Artwork and bowls in the making

The colours have now been applied to the forms and has been fired, all that is left to do is to glaze them and fire it again. I should expect to see some finished results soon.

4 February 2015

New Website address: www.martinharmanceramics.com

Hello everyone.

I have just changed my website address.

It is now www.martinharmanceramics.com

The links to my website on Blogger and Facebook should still work.

Thank you

2 February 2015

Artwork in progress

Yesterday I managed to apply colour to one of my artworks started 12/11/14. All that is left know is to fire it, then glaze it, then fire it for the final time if things go according to plan.

The work generally goes through a long process, I hope I can reveal the time and patience involved and that this can contribute to the outcome.