18 May 2015

Pictures taken from the International Triennial of Ceramics UNICUM 2015 at the National Museum of Slovenia - Metelkova

(Image taken from the exhibition catalogue)

(Front entrance to the National Museum of Slovenia - Metelkova)




(Poster advertisement for the International Triennial of Ceramics UNICUM 2015)

Tomorrow will be my last day in the capital Ljubljana, Slovenia. I have really enjoyed my time here and the opportunity to see my work on displayed at the Museum.

The organizers of the show did a great job, they really worked hard to put it together. I am very thankful for them giving me the opportunity to show my ceramic artwork in Slovenia. It was great to see the work displayed alongside a diverse range of ceramic artworks from makers across the globe. The show also opened my eyes to other artistic possibilities as the pieces on display were very unique and different.

Alongside this exhibition there was also other ceramic events that took place as part of the  International Triennial of Ceramics UNICUM 2015. There was a ceramic exhibition in the older building of the National Museum of Slovenia, this showcased a range of traditional porcelain European ceramics.

On a additional note thank you very much to Zora Zbontar for helping me with the small details of the event such as responding to my emails and booking taxi's.