9 December 2016

Thinking about Socialism and Capitalism

Today whilst working on some new sculpture I had the opportunity to listen to a video on Youtube called "Marxism 101: How Capitalism is Killing Itself with Dr. Richard Wolff". 

I got to say this really touched home on some of my own experiences, I think more than anything it just re-afirmed on some of the things I already new.

This video made me think about aspects surrounding Socialism and Capitalism.

Socialism stands for equality of standard of living, health and wealth.

Capitalism tends to exploit workers for profit.

I have been experiencing this more and more when working for other people in the past. I sometimes get the feeling of being exploited and overused, not paid fairly for the skills I have and the work that I produce. This situation also makes me feel trapped in a system/prison. 

I want to feel like I have freedom and I think this is why I create art. It is a way to escape the system and sometimes to comment on it. For me making art is about freedom, ideas, possibility, potential and to reveal another way of looking at the world.

Perhaps then art can be useful for a potential new society/system if we see the end of Capitalism.

While I am not in favour of 100% supporting either Capitalism or Socialism I do think it is interesting to hear a perspective on the current system we are living in. It gets me thinking of the world I am living in and it intensifies the reason why it is I make art as I believe in a better world. 

Lost Words. 6/8/16, L12cm W12cm H18cm, stoneware, hand built, slips, glaze fired to 1230c.

I thought I would throw in this image of a sculpture I created this year as I think it has some relevance to this. I made this to respond to my experience in life so far. The inspiration for the form comes from ancient clay tablets used to record writing. Sometimes I feel like I am a tool in the machine, an object to be used to serve the economy and sometimes this makes me question my own humanity and value in society. 

If anyone would like to watch the video feel free to see the link below.

Marxism 101: How Capitalism is Killing Itself with Dr. Richard Wolff