7 August 2018

Getting Started at the XI. International Ceramic Symposium Römhild, Glücksburg Castle, Germany Germany 5th of August to the 1st of September 2018

Already 2 days into the start of the International Ceramic Artist Residency in Römhild Germany 2018, time moves quickly. I am going to do my best to upload infomation about this residency to this blog, having said that it all depends on the interet concection as it is not the best were I am staying. 

I am slowey getting familier with the studios and equipment, it took a whie to prepare everything I needed. New space, new equipment and new materials.

This is the main kiln area. They have a veriety of kilns from front loading electric kilns of different sizes, to gass kilns and to I think a wood firing kiln.

The main studio. An opeon plan space with a desk for each artist and the largest electric front loading kiln at the back.

For this residency I decided to give myself a challenge and try to work in porcelain. Originaly I thought the theme of the this residency was going to focus on porcelain so I had a load of bags ordered. Only when I arrived did I realize that this was not the case, either way I decided to keep using the porcelain. 

Currently I am in the process of making a porcelain sculpture from wheel-thrown cones. It has been a challenge to work with as the consistancy is hard and soft and so I have been finding it difficalt to lift the clay to its maximum hight. But I have made too many cones to stop now so I am going to persist. I think I just need more practice and patience with this material.

Trimming the inside of the cones. The professional potters would propably look down on this. Although there is someing quite satisfying about turning porcelain.

4 August 2018

Exploring Nuremberg before the start of the International Ceramic Artist Residency in Römhild Germany 2018

After waiting for about 12 hours at Bristol Aiport yesterday on the 2nd of August 2018 due to a flight cancelation to Nuremberg Germany I finally managed to have a flight re-arranged and get into Nuremberg on the 3rd of August 2018. Wow, that was a new experience.

Old and new

Bronze fountain sculpture in Nuremberg titled "the Ehekarussell"  which apparently translates to the marriage merry-go-round by artist Jürgen Weber. To find more infomation about his sculpture feel free to see: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/ehekarussell

"the Ehekarussellby Jürgen Weber

"the Ehekarussellby Jürgen Weber

Six Apposals, material: terricotta, Germanisches National Museum

A chair from the  Germanisches National Museum 

Close up detail of the chair from the  Germanisches National Museum

Lorenzkirche Church

Lorenzkirche Church

Another interesting statue depicting death again

Picture taken from a narrow street, tucked away but with these houses full of chariter

In a short space of time I have just about manniged to see as much as I can in Nuremberg. A facinating city full of history. 

I also went to the house of the painter Albrecht Durer, wel worth the visit to get an idea of who he was. Unfortuantly my camera run out of battery power before I arrived so I did not have the oppertunity to take any photos.