18 September 2018

Finished Artworks at the XI. International Ceramic Symposium Römhild, Glücksburg Castle, Germany 5th of August to the 1st of September 2018

Pictures of the artworks in the making

Pictures taken of each individual piece created

Honey on the Water. 31/08/2018, stand-alone sculptureL35cm W18 H18. Porcelain, slips, bees-wax, fired once to a temperature of 1230c.

Sweet Tooth. 31/08/2018, stand-alone sculpture, L28 W18 H19cm. Porcelain, slips, bees-wax, fired once to a temperature of 1230c.

Night as Day. 31/08/2018, stand-alone sculpture, L27 W27 H35. Stoneware, slips, bees-wax, fired once to a temperature of 1230c

Pictures taken from the private view at the end of Symposium Exhibition

It has been some time since I last had the opportunity to update my blog with news regarding the XI. International Ceramic Symposium Römhild, Germany 2018. During the Symposium I did not have good access to the internet so I had to make do with updating when I could. After that experience I realised how dependent I am on using the Internet. 

New space, new materials, new kilns, new people and a new way of working. As part of this Symposium I worked mainly with porcelain. It was a different material to what I usually use as I often work with stoneware. I found using porcelain challenging to work with as its quality was soft and firm, similar to chewing-gum and would dry very quickly. However by using porcelain I learnt how to be sensitive to the material and work quickly. Although it was a difficult material to work with I really appreciated the finished quality. The colours are bright and if the pieces are positioned close to bright light the clay body becomes slightly transparent in places and there is a silky feeling to the fired quality of the clay.

I finished making two porcelain sculptures however afterwards I was eager to get back to using stoneware to create one more piece. At this point time was precious so I really had to speed things up to produce this stoneware piece.

From this experience I learnt that working quickly forced me to be less precious and to work a bit more intuitively. Also before attending the Symposium I had a plan of what I was going to make. However when I arrived I quickly realised that the materials were different to what I expected and that I only had a limited amount of time. Therefore I changed my working process to accommodate these factors and be a bit more experimental. One big change in the process was to fire the work once as I usually do multiple firings. Another change was in the way I applied colours to the forms as for the porcelain sculptures multiple colours were splattered onto the surface and the colour on the stoneware pice was brushed on. All three pieces were then burnished, fired to 1230c then bees-wax was applied.

It was also good to see the work of other artists and to hear their stories about why they create their artworks and what it is they are trying to express. In some ways it forced me to evaluate my own reasons for creating art.

Thank you to all the organisers of the event who invited me to participate.

For further information about their organisation feel free to see their website at: http://www.keramiksymposium-roemhild.de/ksr/index.php/die-symposien/xi-symposium-2018/