30 April 2019

Cloud drawing in the making

I took this photo while on a plane. 

What do clouds mean for you? For me it allows self reflection, the opportunity to escape to my imagination, but personally it also has a symbolic relationship to what happens when we die. There is something quite spiritual about looking at clouds. For this reason I have been very interested in conveying this inspiration in some way. I would like to create a space to enter into.

A while back I started making hand-made paper and I still have some left over. For this drawing I have used four sheets of a4 sized paper to create a single piece. Originally I was thinking to myself if this will work considering the individual pieces of paper being revealed. I am not too sure but I am curious to see what it might look like in the end. Handmade paper has a very textual quality, it is almost like the paper is a work of art in its self and it's interesting seeing how the drawing seems to become apart of the paper. I am hoping the quality of the paper will add to the intention of the drawing by alloying the mind to enter into that space.

New ceramic sculptures in the making

Currently I am working on three ceramic sculptures which so far seems to be shaping into stand-alone sculptures. Originally I was aiming to create a series of wall pieces but as the work progressed I realised they were getting too tall. I realised if I were to make wall pieces they would need to be shorter in hight so I decided to go with what the pieces were telling me which was build upwards. 

The inspiration behind these sculptures in the making continues my interest in clouds. For me clouds symbolise, spirituality, entering another space, contemplation and curiosity with what happens when we die. This all relates back to my personal experience of people close to my life passing away. Importantly though I would like to leave space for the imagination and curiosity. What happens when we die?