27 October 2019

Bar Codes. The fabric of society! A new painting in the making.

Sorry I painted over someones painting! Don't worry it's not an original, I think its one of those machine made paintings. I picked this one up from a local charity shop, its amazing what you can find in these places!

Cutting out paper bar codes and layering them together onto canvas. 

Now you see it and now you kind of don't. I then applied a glossy white paint over the top of the bar collage. 

I am continuing to work within the theme of barcodes, there is something that keeps pulling me back to them. I guess it's because of its ever functional presence in modern day society, its association to the exchange of products, storage of information. For me this represents the society we live in and it also gets me thinking about my place and value within society. There are a lot of associations.

New spherical ceramic wall sculptures in the making

From a humble sphere freshly thrown on the potters wheel. 

To not one but more than one sphere thrown on the potters wheel and literally thrown near enough on-top of each other.

The resulting combination of spheres.

Cutting the sphere forms in half so i can attach it to a base.

Some tools of the trade, a handy knife and tape measure.

Two other sphere sculptures in the making.

Lately I have been working on four new ceramic wall sculptures. As most of my sculptures are usually free standing I was interested in working on some new wall sculptures. 

They are all made from spheres thrown on the potters wheel. However with two sculptures I decided to continue with experimenting with ideas started in Hungary during the symposium I undertook in 2019. This processes consisted of throwing down freshly wheel thrown spheres on-top of each other. The results are interesting as each sphere pushes and distorts the sphere next to it. A very fresh approach to creating the sculptures.

The other two sculptures follow my traditional approach of letting the wheel thrown spheres firm up before they are cut and joined together .

The next stage is to then cut all of the wall sculptures in half so that I can join them to a base to be wall mounted.

I am interested to see were these wall sculptures lead, there is so much possibility in working with a single shape and combining them together. 

3 October 2019

The National Museum of Cardiff UK. Exploring some of the ceramic collection.

What is inside the National Museum of Cardiff UK?
Recently I had the opportunity to visit this museum and check out some of the ceramic collection. Defiantly a must see if you are a fan of all things ceramics, from sculpture to functional tableware. I spent many days here when I was studying and it is still inspirational. Thank you to Wen-Hsi Harman for helping me to record this video. Hope you enjoy the video.

For further information about this museum please see: https://museum.wales/cardiff/