27 October 2019

New spherical ceramic wall sculptures in the making

From a humble sphere freshly thrown on the potters wheel. 

To not one but more than one sphere thrown on the potters wheel and literally thrown near enough on-top of each other.

The resulting combination of spheres.

Cutting the sphere forms in half so i can attach it to a base.

Some tools of the trade, a handy knife and tape measure.

Two other sphere sculptures in the making.

Lately I have been working on four new ceramic wall sculptures. As most of my sculptures are usually free standing I was interested in working on some new wall sculptures. 

They are all made from spheres thrown on the potters wheel. However with two sculptures I decided to continue with experimenting with ideas started in Hungary during the symposium I undertook in 2019. This processes consisted of throwing down freshly wheel thrown spheres on-top of each other. The results are interesting as each sphere pushes and distorts the sphere next to it. A very fresh approach to creating the sculptures.

The other two sculptures follow my traditional approach of letting the wheel thrown spheres firm up before they are cut and joined together .

The next stage is to then cut all of the wall sculptures in half so that I can join them to a base to be wall mounted.

I am interested to see were these wall sculptures lead, there is so much possibility in working with a single shape and combining them together. 

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