19 December 2019

Barcode collage paintings in the making. Teddybear and circle.

Ontop of the barcode collage I decided to overlay it with the outline of a teddy bear. Teddy bears, the representation of childhood memories. The outline is used to evoke this memory. I did this as I want to carry on with the theme of childhood innocence and contrast this with barcodes. Barcodes for me can appear to be useful but in some ways can take on a sinister meaning depending how you look at it. It can represent our current society, commerce, storage of digital information such as products, services even people. Sometimes it appears people can get treated like numbers in a commerce machine called our current monetary system. I wonder, are we not humans with individual personalities, emotions, ideas, potential. I sometimes wonder were this fits in or placed within our current society. I think as a creator creating artworks I find it curious observing the world around me and observing or reinterpreting it. I think it is important for me to question the world in which we live in, it helps me to try and understand it and bring my own perspective to it.  

This is another smaller barcode painting that I am currently working on. This time I have used a circle to symbolise crossing into another space.

I have a curiosity of what happens when we die. My personal experiences has helped shape this curiosity. The memory is powerful, something that I can not shake, it occupies the back of my memories, I am constantly reminded. I feel at peace, I feel sad, I feel joy, I am reminded how little I know, I want to know, I want to believe!