21 June 2020

Abstract Art Painting The Making of Magical

Are you feeling funky! In this video I share the making of my large abstract painting "Magical". After watching acrylic pouring techniques it automatically got me on the hock and I could not resist but give it a go myself. Acrylic pouring is a technique of mixing paint with a medium and then pouring onto a surface. Each result takes on a life of its own. However I wanted to adapt this artistic style to my own language. I pured the paints ontop of newspaper-cutouts. I wanted this painting to represent the society around me and I felt newspaper-cutouts would be ideal for this. I wanted to make this painting in a way in a way I can describe as being a chemical cocktail of sorts with a space in the middle for the eye to enter. Perhaps the resulting artwork is meditative, contemplative and Magical. Medium: Collage of newspaper-cutouts, white gloss paint, acrylic paint and medium on canvas. Dimensions: H80 W80 D3.7cm

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