13 June 2020

Stone Circles England Inspired Sculptures

What I find fascinating about places like Stonehenge and Avebury stone circles are things like why they were built and how they were built. It is this ultimate mystery that sits in the landscape. When I go to these places I am reminded of the potential humans have. I am left to decide how I want to see and experience them. People are left to bring their own imagination to them. This is a big inspiration for my ceramic sculptures. I wanted to translate my own interpretation of stone circles to my artworks. I want to make artworks that invite curiosity and imagination and new ways of experiencing. These ceramic sculptures are made using simple shape like cones and cylinders that are thrown on the potter’s wheel. They are then cut up and joined together to create these open forms. I then apply colour by spraying it to the surface. I like to build up multiple layers and create line and pattern. The sculptures go through multiple firings then finally a clear glaze is applied. Why do people come to see Avebury Stone Circle? “Lots of history, Something magical about the place” “Everybody is very open here, lots of people from different parts of society” Thank you for watching and thank you for the insight from people who participated in the interviews. Listen to the full interviews at Martin Harman Art on Youtube

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