13 June 2020

What is Abstract Art?

What is Abstract Art? What does it mean for you? In this video I attempt to answer that question from my own perspective to try and shed some light on the subject.  
Let’s start the video with a cup of coffee. I enjoy making a fresh cup of coffee in the morning and serving it in my Bubbleware handmade mug. For me there is no separation between art and life. They both inspire each other. What is abstract art? For me abstract art can cross over into different areas. It can provide new ways of seeing and experiencing. It provides me the freedom to explore and not limit myself. An example of a ceramic abstract artist who got me thinking about abstract art is Ron Nagel. He got me thinking diffidently about it. His ceramic sculptures seem to cross over between sculpture and painting. There is no recognizable image, his work is there for you to create your own imagination about what you are seeing. It makes me create my own interpretation and ways of seeing and experiencing his art. Abstract art for me is about leaving questions for the viewer, this is one of the main reasons why I create abstract art. I enjoy the possibilities of working with clay to make ceramic sculpture. My sculptures are made from shapes thrown on the potter’s wheel. They are cut up and joined together to create these open forms. I then use colour and paten to draw the eye to different parts of the form and break up the space. Glazed and unglazed surfaces are used to reflect and absorb light. Abstract art can remind me of things and experiences seen in the real world, it gets me thinking. I think abstract art is about provoking people’s imagination and providing new ways of seeing and experiencing. That’s why I like working with abstract art as its open for the viewer to make their own decisions, create their own meaning from it, that for me is the power of abstract art. What does abstract art mean for you? How does it make you feel? Are there any abstract artists you admire? It would be interesting to see people’s comments. Feel free to leave a comment bellow. I think it is good we all have our own interpretations. Thank you for watching! Find more information about Ron Nagle at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaNYmg9B6bw

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