About Martin

I am a British artist based in Bristol UK.create one-off surreal ceramic sculpture, drawings and paintings.

Why am I creating art?
I enjoy freedom and creating art provides this. It allows me to explore new ideas by channeling this through my experiences and observations in life.

Creating art is what it means to be human, to imagine and create something I have not seen before and bring it into the world to exist. As humans we have the potential to dream and turn ideas into reality. I want to explore human potential, I don't like limiting myself as I have a brain and a soul, and a unique perspective on life, this should be maximised.

I want to live in a world were creativity thrives and is apart of peoples lives.

What is my purpose?

I create art to liberate the imagination. People should have the freedom to interpret my art in their own way. 
I want to give people the opportunity to be curious and think for themselves.

​I want to communicate a fascination for the unknown as life is full of questions.

The Historic English Heritage monument Stonehenge helped me to develop this way of thinking. To this day its purpose and meaning still largely remains unknown. It forces myself to be curious, to learn anew and reflect upon my existence.

I do not intend to replicate its presence in any way but use this as a foundation to generate ideas around imagination, possibility and curiosity. 

I am also a UNESCO​ International Academy of Ceramics IAC member.

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